Why Do This?

We came up with the idea for Mongoose & Turtle in 2016. 

Having spent many years in the home improvement industry, we realised that often the design and project management aspect of any project can be the hardest part. We realised that there is a real need for impartial and knowledgeable help.

Richard does the design and specification side of things. Mark then makes it become reality by doing the making, building, fitting and fixing.

We love creating. We love meeting new people. We love new challenges. We love helping.

We don't like compromises. We don't like negativity. Saying 'it can't be done' to us is like throwing down the gauntlet. We want to find a way it can be done, we like solving challenges.

We've added a little bit about ourselves below........if you're interested :-)

Richard Heywood

When I worked for Village Kitchens (a kitchen design & sales company) I didn't know how to use a scale rule! It took me ages to draw out the walls of a plan, until I was shown that the weird looking ruler on the desk was actually a really useful tool! Not a great start! Since then I have used one regularly.

Most of my design training has been learning while working, with the occasional additional course. If I could go back and talk to my younger self I would tell him to concentrate more at school - but then who of us wouldn't! I would pursue a career in architecture. But that wasn't to be, and this is where I am, so I get to do the next best thing and design the insides of homes, rather than the outside.

I love things that work. I love designs that work. 

I hate buying just one condiment that has others in the same set. I like to have the set!

I love playing the keyboard and the guitar. I think I like running. I love living near the sea.

The most important thing to me in life is family.

Mark Harvey

My friends and family would describe me as a laid back surfer type with a positive attitude.

After leaving the Navy at 21 I fell into the carpentry trade with my dad (Peter Harvey, Master Carpenter) whose reputation was built on the quality of his workmanship. The first year or so I was just his slave, passing the tools, making teas and sweeping up. I even named the broom the ‘Peter Pusher’ but during that long painful year I watched and soaked up as much knowledge as I could. We became a good team, working together for 11 years up until his retirement in 2014. He’s now off in his motorhome and I've been flying solo ever since.

I am good at what I do, and I enjoy the fact that every week brings a different challenge, a different problem to solve, and a new customer to meet.  My brain is always ticking, reinventing and creating. Friends and family love my imaginative streak and ability to make things from recycled or unusual materials. I have my love of Lego to thank for that.

Away from work I try to get the best out of life. I'm a family man, and spending quality time with loved ones is important to me. 

As for hobbies, anything extreme gets my blood pumping but nothing beats a surf or a dive. My fiancé Vicki will tell you I am a better man after I've been out in the sea.  

But Why The Name?

So why the name Mongoose & Turtle? 

Maybe there should be some deep and meaningful about how we created the name.

There isn't!

Richard's wife Jo got confused many years ago between a goose and a mongoose. Richard thought it was hysterical and decided that one day he would have an enterprise with 'mongoose' in the name, with the icon being a goose!

Mark's favourite place to be is in the sea. So it's no surprise his favourite animals are dolphins and turtles. We thought turtle worked better in the name than dolphin.

And that's it!

Mongoose & Turtle was born.
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