• Kitchen Design - from galley, to u-shape, island or no island, small, big, contemporary or classic - we love designing kitchens. 
  • Study Design - working from home, studying at home or need to house your treasure model bus collection. How about turning that spare room into something really useful and beautiful?
  • Bedroom Design - a bed, a couple of side cabinets and a wardrobe - a well designed bedroom can be so much more.
  • Spatial Design - a relatively new 'term' but one that we have been doing for years. Spatial design is the discipline of understanding how we interact with a space and move in it and through it. A trend over the last few years is to take down walls and remove doors giving a more 'open plan' layout. This is where a good understanding of spatial design is critical to ensure that you can enjoy your home because everything is in the correct place. 
  • Fitting & Installation Service - turning any of the above from a design and a bunch of materials into reality, thereby transforming your home.
  • Project Management - from start to finish we will look after and organise everything, allowing you to get on with what you need to do, rather than worrying about things you don't need to worry about.

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